Village Hall – News and Updates

Update on Brookland Village Hall Committee Members and appeal for a new Vice-Chair

The Village Hall Management Committee is looking healthy with new members coming forward from the community. The Committee very warmly welcome our new Secretary, Benedict Potts, who has joined us recently.

Our thanks to Howard Noakes who has stepped down after many years of service as Treasurer to the Committee. Vicky Wallington has agreed to cover the role going forward. After a move to Ashford and a change to night shifts, Sharon Finn has stepped down from her role as Vice-Chair of the Committee. Many thanks to Sharon for all her support over the last few years. This is now a vacant position we are looking to fill.

Please take the time to read and consider whether you could help.

We are looking for a local volunteer to join the Village Hall Committee as Vice-Chairman.  It’s not a massive commitment – we only meet twice a year for an hour and there may be a few hours work in-between the meetings.
The main part of the role involves arranging the bi-annual meetings with the Chairman and being a point of contact for the Key Holder & Booking Clerk in terms of any issues that arise including organising small maintenance jobs with our supplier.

This position would suit somebody who lives in or close to the village – maybe someone retired, someone new to the village who wants to meet people, a Mum looking to get involved in something before returning to work or just someone local who wants to give something back to the community.

Please do give it some thought – it’s a vital role for the village and does need someone to take on the role. Please do have a think if you could help.  Please call Diana Roper on 07941 617310 if you want to discuss further.