Secretary Wanted for Brookland Village Hall Committee

** Please take the time to read and consider whether you could help **
Our wonderful Hall Management Committee secretary, Martin Mills, has stepped down after many years of service and we have an opportunity for someone new to come forward to take on this role. As with all our committee roles, this isn’t a massive commitment – we meet twice a year and the secretary’s role is to:-
  •  Meet with the Chairman or Vice-Chair to agree and type up the agenda for the meetings
  •  Attend the meetings and take notes
  •  Type up and circulate the notes after the meetings
This position would suit a range of people – maybe someone retired, someone new to the village who wants to meet people, a Mum looking to get involved in something before returning to work or just someone local who wants to give something back to the community. The individual does need access to a computer and some basic computing skills.
Please do give it some thought – it’s an important role for the committee and does need someone to step forward to take it on.  We’re a friendly bunch and the Hall plays a vital role in the Brookland community so let’s keep it running well for the benefit of everyone.
Please do give some thought as to whether you could help.  Please call Diana Roper on 07941 617310 if you want to discuss further.